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the Trade Desk, ThumbAd: Capturing 60% Global Ad Spend, Leading DSPs in 2023 SPARK Matrix

Updated: May 3, 2023


Recognized for Excellence: The Trade Desk DSP, a Trailblazer in the Programmatic Advertising Landscape

the 2023 SPARK Matrix for Ad Tech

Experience Comprehensive Advertising Capabilities with TTD operated by teamThumbAd

  • End-to-end campaign management across multiple ad formats, including display, video, audio, native, and connected TV

  • Data-driven media planning using audience insights for optimal budget allocation and immediate activation of ad groups

  • Independent media buying ensures best value and access to a broader range of inventory across the open internet

  • Unified ID 2.0 for effective targeting and measurement across platforms, maximizing precision and reach

  • AI-driven optimization through Koa, automating bid adjustments to optimize up to three KPIs for each campaign

  • Granular, transparent reporting for insights into media mix and creative strategies, with enterprise APIs for custom development

Elevate Your Advertising Performance with Advanced Features Exclusive to TTD and teamThumbAd

  • Cross-Channel Planning and Optimization: Holistic analysis of data across channels for better attribution modeling and understanding of the customer journey

  • Data Ownership and Privacy: Advertisers maintain ownership of their data, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for data processing

  • Personalized and Adaptive Creative Solutions: Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for delivering personalized ads, and Adaptive Creative Optimization (ACO) for testing and iterating creative variations

  • Supply Path Optimization (SPO): Direct relationships with publishers for access to high-quality inventory, better transparency, cost-efficiency, and performance

  • Custom Algorithm Marketplace and Third-Party Integrations: Enhanced targeting, personalization, and performance through access to custom algorithms and data providers

Why Choose TTD Managed by teamThumbAd Over Google DV360?

The Trade Desk (TTD), managed by TeamThumbAd, offers a comprehensive, flexible, and transparent digital advertising solution that outperforms Google DV360. As an independent media buying platform, TTD provides advertisers with the best value for their advertising dollars and a broader range of inventory across the open internet. With access to the cutting-edge Unified ID 2.0, cross-channel planning and optimization, and advanced creative solutions, TTD enables advertisers to drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

In comparison, Google DV360 may not provide the same level of unbiased cross-channel analysis, data ownership and privacy, personalized creative solutions, and supply path optimization. Additionally, TTD's custom algorithm marketplace and third-party integrations grant advertisers access to a wealth of resources for enhanced targeting, personalization, and performance that may not be available with DV360.

Embrace the Power of The Trade Desk managed by ThumbAd for Your Advertising Success"

Unlock your full advertising potential by partnering with TTD and TeamThumbAd. Experience a comprehensive, flexible, and powerful advertising solution designed to elevate your campaigns and help you achieve your business goals. Contact TeamThumbAd today to learn more about how their expertise, combined with The Trade Desk's platform, can transform your digital advertising strategy.


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