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Embracing a Cookieless Future with ThumbAd: The Power of Unified IDs

Ready to harness the power of UID2 and navigate the cookieless future with confidence?
UnifiedID UID2
Cookieless Future

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, the shift towards a cookieless future isn't just a passing phase—it's imperative. As privacy concerns mount and regulations tighten, the days of third-party cookies are numbered. So, what's next for brands in this changing landscape?

Unlocking Global Opportunities with UID2

UID2, a groundbreaking open-source framework supported by publishers, advertisers, and digital advertising platforms powered by ThumbAd, is set to redefine how brands create online identities. While UID2 is a global force, Europe stands as an exception, where the European Unified ID (EUID) aligns with GDPR's rigorous data protection standards.

UID2 and EUID, although sharing foundational features, differ in their GDPR-centric components, making EUID the go-to for European markets. Brands aiming to utilize hashed CRM data with UID2 can reach audiences globally, except in Europe. Here, EUID provides a GDPR-aligned alternative. For a smooth journey in this shifting terrain, brands must remain updated, seeking insights from platforms such as ThumbAd, and adjusting to regional data privacy law nuances.

Swift Data Transformation of UID2

When brands provide a hashed CRM data file, a swift metamorphosis ensues:

  • The data, usually hashed emails, is directed specifically to the EUID/UID operator endpoint.

  • This data is instantly transformed into an EUID or UID2 identifier.

  • This fresh identifier is then relayed to the Demand Side Platform (DSP).

  • The conversion entails the hashed email being dispatched to the EUID/UID2 operator API, presently supervised by ThumbAd, with plans for future independent third-party management.

  • Post-conversion, the initial email data is immediately discarded, ensuring zero retention of the actual email data.

  • The EUID or UID2 is then fluidly routed to the DSP, prepped for ad targeting.

  • Impressively, this entire procedure, from data receipt to DSP transmission, is completed in mere milliseconds, underscoring UID2's prowess.

Dedication to Safeguarding User Data

UID2's dedication to data privacy is unwavering, a commitment shared by ThumbAd. The data, be it emails or their hashed counterparts, remains confidential. UID2, with its rigorous data privacy protocols, guarantees the safety of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Once the EUID/UID2 is derived from the email or hashed data, all ensuing operations exclusively involve this identifier, keeping the original data shielded from external access.

Ensuring Data Integrity with UID2's Encryption and Security

UID2, backed by ThumbAd, prioritizes data security. While exact hashing, salting, and encryption methodologies might remain undisclosed for security purposes, the underlying principles are:

  • Hashing: A one-way conversion of data (like email addresses) into fixed-length character strings, or hash values.

  • Salting: Introducing unique data (salt) to the original data pre-hashing, ensuring distinct hash values even for identical user data.

  • Encryption: Scrambling data to render it unreadable for unauthorized entities, but decipherable for authorized ones with the right decryption key.

To sum up, while the specifics of these security measures might be confidential, it's pivotal to understand that they pertain solely to the UID2 or EUID identifiers. Emails undergo hashing and transformation into UID2 or EUIDs, post which the original data is swiftly deleted.

The journey towards a cookieless future might appear challenging, but with ThumbAd and solutions like UID2 and EUID, brands can confidently step into this new digital advertising epoch. These unified IDs, with their emphasis on privacy, security, and compliance, promise a fluid and safe online advertising journey for brands and their audiences.


Ready to harness the power of UID2 and navigate the cookieless future with confidence?

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